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Hello! I need a bit of advice for cosplay make-up... You see... I'm going to a Con on Saturday as Misaki Mei... But unfortunately, I have no idea how to put on everyday make-up, let alone one for cosplay... (Stereo-typical Strict 'asian' household...) Do you have any advice or perhaps a quick list or tutorial of main essentials? (I already have the costume itself and my hair is exactly like hers anyway) Thankyou for reading my probably taxing question and sorry to bother you!

Hi there! I’m so sorry for the delay I had — not a single message was going through. :c

Anywho, day-to-day makeup is done differently by everyone. Some people use just a powder and an eyeliner (such as I do some days) and some use the whole shebang: primer, foundation, powder, then eyeshadow primer, eyeshadows, eyeliners, all that jazz. Have you worn makeup before? Maybe for homecoming, prom, something like that? If you haven’t, start small with a concealer, powder, and a good eyeliner. I’m not sure why, but most people tend to think that the more you pay for your products the better. Ah, sometimes maybe, but not that often is that really the case. 

The stuff I use is really nice and inexpensive. My concealer that I use is actually from WalMart - its GlamoFlauge by Hard Candy, which should be short under $5. It will take care of ANY blemish you have (as it’s actual design was meant to cover up tattoos; crazy, right?). It comes with the little tube and a pencil, but all you’d really need is the tube. Hold each box to the top of your hand to determine the best shade for you - it’s gotta match the rest of your skin, not just your face. The powder that I’ve used is Rimmel’s Stay Matte - depending where you get it from, the price can vary. I get mine at Target, and it’s about $5 there, but I know you can find it at Ulta, some WalMarts, and I believe Sephora, too. Compare the colors of these the same way you do the concealer, but compare the ones next to it, too. This is kinda your “top coat,” so this stuff DEFINITELY has to match. Eyeliner, I’ve always used Avon’s stuff for, but I found another kind that’s really close to how great Avon’s stuff is: Rimmel’s Exaggerate eyeliner sticks. Some places have them individually out in a little shelving unit, other package them, but these are anywhere between 4-5, depending on where you go. You can find these in the same places as the facial powder - WalMart, Target, Ulta, and so forth. The way I was taught to apply eyeliner was by placing my finger at the very outer corner and pulling toward my ear, then start drawing the line from the inner corner of my eye (though you don’t have to start there always, it’s fun to play around with how the different lines play up the shape of your eye) and draw to the outer corner. It’s not going to be perfect if this is your first time applying it, and it may irritate your eye a little - this is expected. If it’s irritating it to the point where your eye starts to water or become bloodshot, take it off right away and don’t use it again. Speaking of taking it off, I’d also advise makeup removing wipes. Some people use makeup removing cremes, but those tend to just work kind of weird from what I’ve used. e.l.f. is a fantastic company for makeup in general, but I really love their makeup wipes - $3 for a pack of (I do think) 100. These have been known to sort of make your face burn or tingle, but that’s expected. They have an alcohol in them meant to really clean your face off, like most face washes do. You can certainly try their products, but I’ve found that their foundations and facial powders are awkwardly colored. 

If you’ve ever got any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I do hope this helped! (And your question was FAR from taxing, I love at least trying to help!)

- <3 

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Omg your hair is really cute and I just came here to tell you that because I wish I could cut my hair like that but I've got a stupid round face and it'd look weird BUT YOU'RE REALLY ADORABLE OKAY THAT'S ALL BYE

Love, stupidly round face or not, go for it! It took me seven years to finally go for this haircut! 

Look, I thought it would look weird too, but like, seriously, GO FOR IT! :D 

Literally, all I did was take my jewelry off and change my top shirt.
This is pretty great.